Who Are We?

This site along with many others is part of a Non Governmental Organization, (NGO) that is committed to “strong families, strong local Communities, and there for a strong society.” We here at GTKYF Foundation Inc, through our TECH Program endeavor to create and offer platforms, programs, and technology that is in line with our mission of all things “Farms, Food, Families, and freedom.” By promoting strong local communities and old world skills we are helping to create robust local economies and providing the freedom for those involved in their communities to support their families.

We DO NOT and NEVER will sell your personal information. We only collect the bare minimum nessessarry to facilitate the smooth operation of our sites. While we do have sponsor ads, and we do promote our own programs throughout our sites. It is no different than a billboard on a highway. We base the cost of those ads and sponsorships on the overall traffic to a specific location where the ad is placed. Or we base it on the overall number of times someone clicks on that ad and views it. That’s it. We don’t provide or collect any other data for resale to anyone.  We offer these ads at a very reasonable cost, and use those funds to cover the our overhead for the site, and if any profit is generated it is used by our parent organization to help fund the many programs, and projects we are involved in.

The Media Group of our Organization is actively involved in covering stories and producing content related to all things farms, food, families, and freedom. Farm Fresh Media org strives to provide relevant content that is real news, not main stream media.

Under our STEP GROUP we provide “Skills Training and Employment Program”. Providing Skills, and Employment to those needing a way to farther their lives. We also offer a  “Re -tooling” program under the STEP Group to assist in teaching people the skills they need, as well as OLD WORLD skills to help them thrive in their LOCAL communities.

Rock Bottom Farms is our Sustainable Agriculture and Community Living Program. Where we endeavor to “assist people, animals, and the environment to come from their Rock Bottom – UP!”  We teach perma culture, hugekulture, aquaponics, vermi culture, mycology, off grid energy, and many old world skills at these facilities and events.

Please consider DONATING to our Organization and help us continue in our efforts.