Here at “The Old World Trades Social Media Site” (aka we endeavor to be a place where people committed to the old world quality, skill, and tenacity can come, meet, network, and learn from each other. In the spirit of the Amish and their old school ways we provide a place where people can come together and keep those ways alive. The Amish are known for their hard working, quality, and skill when it comes to craftsmanship and old world ways of getting the job done.

Our hope is that through this site and others like it the skills of yesteryear will NOT be lost. We believe that part of a strong LOCAL community and therefore a strong society comes from working together and supporting our fellow human kind.

If you have an question about a trade, old world skill,

or want to engage with a craftsman of the Amish/ old world  mindset.

Or is you want to organize a barn raising.

This is the place for you!

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